The Coffee Bag 

Coffee will be package in either in fully recyclable paper packaging or in the plant-based resealable compostable coffee bags that we are trialling (these are home-compostable...more details soon).


The 2 layer paper coffee bag is fully recyclable and can be put it in your household recycling bin.

The paper bag is also compostable (e.g in your garden compost bin or even worm bin). Suggest removing the paper label and tin tie first and recycling these.

Most other coffee bags are made of layered foil and plastic. The plastic is usually made from fossil fuels (such as oil) and the bags can be difficult to recycle. We have decided not to use these bags for these reasons.


Storage And Best Before Date

We recommend that coffee is consumed within 4 weeks of the roast date.


The paper bag is resealable with the tin tie seal.

Keep in a dry, cool, dark place, ideally in an airtight container. 

Do not keep in the fridge or freezer.

Grind just the amount you need for brewing your coffee. 

Ground coffee rapidly loses freshness and flavour so use the ground coffee straight away.


Waterproof Delivery Bag

Not an ideal solution here.

The bag of coffee needs to be kept clean and protected from damage and rain during delivery. Because of these reasons, it's hard to escape using plastic bags for delivery and we are reluctantly using them.

We have decided to use NZ Post bags as these plastic bags provide sufficient protection. We have also chosen NZ Post as our delivery partner because of its commitment to reduce its environmental impact. 

The good news is that the delivery bag can be recycled through the Soft Plastics Recycling programme.

The recycling bins (see picture below) for a wide range of soft plastics are at many supermarkets and other retailers across most of NZ (see Store locator to find one near you).

For example, in you live in the Eastern Bays in Auckland, there are soft plastic recycling bins at New World Eastridge, New World Stonefields, Countdown Meadowbank, Countdown St Johns, Huckleberry Farms Glen Innes, Pak'n Save Glen Innes.


We would love to hear your thoughts about other potential options for delivery bags (contact us).

Soft Plastic Recycling at Pak n Save













Photo by Rosa Coffee