Coffee and Drinking Chocolate Currently Available - NEXT ROAST TUESDAY 30th APRIL

HOAC-Papua New Guinea

Coffee from the HOAC Cooperative in PNG. Roasted from certified FairTrade, Organic beans. Great for all brewing methods. Tastes of chocolate and nuts. Whole beans only.

From $10.00 incl GST

Kokako Drinking Chocolate

Kokako drinking chocolate

Try this great Fairtrade, Organic drinking chocolate from Kokako. Fairtrade and Biogro Organic Certified. 250 grams.

$9.50 incl GST

Rosa Coffee Fair Trade Organic Decaf Coffee

ZERO HERO - Decaf coffee

Great tasting fair trade, organic decaf coffee. Very smooth. Two roast styles - medium and medium-dark roasts. 200 grams. Whole beans only.

$12.50 incl GST