Rosa Coffee Supports SPINZS Fund (Sanitary Products in New Zealand Schools)


Rosa Coffee supports SPINZS Fund (Sanitary Products in NZ Schools)


That's right...grab some coffee from Rosa Coffee and you support SPINZS.


Rosa Coffee is now donating 100% from the sale of Ugandan Gumutindo Cooperative roasted coffee beans to SPINZS.


This great coffee is fairtrade and organic and like all other coffee at Rosa Coffee, it's roasted with the help of solar power.


Delivered anywhere in NZ and locally by bicycle.


So what is SPINZS?

It’s a little-known fact that hundreds of girls from lower socio-economic backgrounds in NZ skip school every month because their families can’t afford to buy sanitary pads.

SPINZS (Sanitary Products in New Zealand Schools) is about making a difference to these girls who go without by purchasing and distributing sanitary products to schools where this is known to be an issue. 

Every child has the right to an education that is not compromised by embarrassment or shame.


Who is behind SPINZS?

SPINZS is a charity (in partnership with Auckland Foundation) set up by two experienced business women, Chrissie Taylor of Lily Taylor and Soala Wilson of The Works Hair Salon, in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

We know Soala and Chrissie well...they are passionate about serving their community and well known for their advocacy on behalf of the Grey Lynn community. 

By supporting SPINZS, you are helping to keep young women in school, and supporting their right to an education “that is not compromised by embarrassment or shame”.


We hope that, like us, you’ll find this an important and exciting cause for securing the future of our young women, their families and New Zealand.

For more information on SPINZS and also how to donate directly to the fund, see


Many thanks,

Graeme and Jo

Rosa Coffee


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"Coffee is the only crop that has paid us enough consistently to enable us to achieve healthcare and education, improve our homes and invest in clean water and energy in our communities."

Gumutindo Coffee Cooperative Enterprise - Mt Elgon, Uganda